Ricky Carmichael in his natural habitat


Ricky Carmichael is a legend in the field of Supercross. After dominating amateur Motocross events, he went pro in 1997 and instantly gained rookie of the year award, winning several races in the process.

His progress was peppered with major accidents as well as championship wins, but grit and determination meant he always bounced back stronger. But that doesn't tell the scale of his achievement - he was masterfully skilled on a Motocross bike, so much so that in 2002 he won all 24 rounds of the US National season.

In 2005 he debuted with Suzuki on the RM250, and after a season out of the game due to injury, wasn't expected to place in the top five. But that year he showed everyone how it's done, winning the Supercross, Outdoor championship and Motocross Des Nations convincingly.

His last full season racing in 2006 was with the Suzuki RM-Z450, and needless to say, he left his fifth Supercross championship win as a fitting epitaph to a sparkling career.

2005 AMA Supercross Champion (Conrad)
2005 AMA Outdoor National Motocross Champion (Lightfoot)
2005 Motocross des Nations Champion (Team USA) (Conrad)
2005 U.S. Open of Supercross Champion (Lightfoot)
2006 AMA Supercross Champion (Conrad)
2006 AMA Outdoor National Motocross Champion (Conrad)
2007 Motocross of Nations Champion
2007 X Games 13 MotoX Racing Gold Medal
2008 X Games 14 MotoX Racing Gold Medal
2009 X Games 15 MotoX Step-up Gold medal